The Arilon Chronicles: Book 1: Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle Part 1 by Wilf Morgan


ISBN-13: 9781999759032

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Arthur Ness is a frightened young boy, evacuated from wartime London to the countryside village of Waterwhistle. He thinks things are bad enough when he discovers terrifying monsters in the village that nobody but him can see. Things don’t improve when he finds out they work for the stern woman he has been sent to live with, Lady Eris – and that she is, in fact, a witch. But when a talking cat turns up asking for his help, Arthur realises there’s an even bigger plot unfolding. And he soon learns that he will either face his fears or risk being eaten by them…

Can a nervous Arthur and a brave Waterwhistle girl, Teresa Smith, help the Cat defeat Lady Eris and her shadowy mistress, the Queen…?  224pp

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