Tales from the Front Line by Luke Fletcher


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For over a decade Luke Fletcher has been a firm fan favourite at Trent Bridge. This 6’6″ gentle giant never gives less than 100 per cent for Nottinghamshire, but a laugh and a joke are never far from his lips. Within the space of a week in 2017 he went from the highs of winning a Lord’s cup final to suffering a serious injury. As with most events in his life, the incidents provided scope for his infectious humour, much of it self-deprecating. An uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and his on-off relationship with the strength and conditioning gurus has often landed him in hot water, providing ammunition for witty comebacks. But although a clever quip is never far away, the broad-beamed paceman has earned the respect of everyone in the game. He has played against – and got the better of – virtually every opponent he has faced and has a career record to be proud of. 288pp

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