Robin Hood 1: Hacking, Heists and Flaming Arrows by Robert Muchamore


ISBN-13: 9781471408618




You can’t go far without a quick brain and some rule-bending in a place like Locksley. After its vast car plants shut down, the prosperous town has become a wasteland of empty homes, toxic land and families on the brink. And it doesn’t help that the authorities are in the clutches of profit-obsessed Sheriff of Nottingham, in cahoots with underworld boss Guy Gisborne.

When his dad is framed for a robbery, Robin and his brother Little John are hounded out of Locksley and must learn to survive in the Sherwood forest, stretching three hundred kilometres and sheltering the free spirits and outlaws. Most people reckon snakes or bandits will get the kid within a week, but he’s got hacking skills learned from his dad, some archery tricks picked up on YouTube, and he’s determined to do more than survive. Small, fast and deadly with a bow, he hatches a plan to join forces with Marion Maid, harness his inimitable tech skills and strike a blow against Gisborne and the Sheriff.  248pp

Age 10+




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