Nottingham: Tramway to Express Transit by Alan Yearsley & Robert Pritchard


ISBN-13: 9781909431966

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Nottingham is the fifth city in the UK to establish a successful light railway network featuring street running sections akin to a traditional tramway. The opening of the Phase 1 routes in 2004 marked the return of trams to the streets of Nottingham 68 years after the closure of the city’s original tramway in 1936 and 38 years after the abandonment of the trolleybus network. Since the opening of Phase 2 in 2015, Nottingham Express Transit has become an invaluable part of the city’s public transport system.

This book tells the story of Nottingham’s new light railway.  It begins with a look at the city’s original tramway and trolleybus systems, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of trolleybuses compared to trams, and follows this by looking in detail at the NET project from planning and design to construction and operation.  96pp, numerous photographs

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