Canary Child by David Field and Alan Dance


ISBN-13: 9780955813368

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Based on the true story of the biggest civilian tragedy of the Great War, Canary Child is a supernatural mystery drama, at times tragic, yet immensely humorous

In 1968, in a small Nottinghamshire country churchyard, an embittered divorcée has a strange encounter with the apparition of a girl who claims to have died in an explosion at a nearby First World War shell-filling factory fifty years before. Dorothy Younger searches for further details surrounding the events leading to the girl’s death in the hope of finding the child left orphaned by the blast and she enlists the help of veteran army officer Tim Mildmay. Together they learn about this wartime tragedy which claimed the lives of almost 140 workers, but they must also grapple with the mystery of a young woman who apparently died in the explosion, but who was never officially there, and the survival of another who should have been blown to pieces, but was later discovered safely at home. 160pp

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