Survival Psychology by Tony Brooks


ISBN-13: 9781914529702




You are about to uncover the most important impact on your leadership mindset. Two million years ago the origins of the home species were focused on physical survival, but in modern life the threats are often more psychological in nature. Your survival thinking will exaggerate, distort and imagine threats which can hijack you on a daily basis. If you are a leader struggling with problems relating to overwhelm, lack of confidence, negative mindset or feeling an impostor, you have just picked up the book which will give you a whole new level of understanding as to what is happening for you psychologically.

If you are performing as a leader, but want to step up further and excel, this book will also help you transform to a new level. In this book you will gain a clear understanding of the mind-traps that block your growth and potential as a leader in 5 areas: Impostor Syndrome, Defensive Mindset, Ego, and  Group Behaviour.  268pp

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