Noises After Dark: Memoirs of a Doctor in East Africa by John Tomlinson


ISBN-13: 9781803137070

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Moved by the devastating media coverage of the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia in 1985, John Tomlinson packed his bags to volunteer for the Save the Children Fund with the intent to help rebuild, and run, a small hospital in a Northern Somali town on the border with Ethiopia. However, faced with diminishing supplies, poorly trained staff and murmurs of civil unrest, the enormity of the task soon became clear. When the actions of a resentful colleague led to his wrongful imprisonment and the escalation of ongoing tribal conflicts drew ever closer, the safety of his staff and himself became increasingly compromised. This memoir offers first-hand experiences of historical events, and pays tribute to the unsung heroes working in conflict zones back then and today.  336pp

The author is a retired NHS doctor, now living in West Bridgford. Proceeds from the book go to Save The Children.


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